Depression Aid, How To

10 Quick Ways to Get Happy

Willpower is usually needed to really cure a bad mood. But a bad mood can take away the willpower! Try these quick and easy tricks to get to the state where willpower will be more readily available to you for a permanent fix…

1. MUSIC –

listen or make it, it can be sad and melancholy but make sure that it is beautiful. Make it light up that spark of inspiration in your heart. Listen to something that takes your breath away or moves your feet without even trying. Make your environment beautiful!


Most of the time a bad mood is an indicator that we have been neglecting our creativity. Getting out all the paints, sitting down and trying to find something to draw is NOT what I mean. Don’t make it a big production or it will feel like work. Realize that there are lots of other ways to be creative than just making art.

Creativity means finding a way to say, show, or solve something even though there are limitations.

So you can be doing something creative by doodling on your page, or by trying to fit all of your clothes into the drawer in a unique order (maybe even colour coded!). It could be reorganizing shelves, or trying to find a way to light candles without matches. Make a fort!




But be careful! Don’t start something that you have a hard  time getting out of. Avoid TV shows. They are harder to stop watching than a movie. Watch something that you KNOW will make you laugh or feel love like a Disney movie or Pride and Prejudice etc. The key is to get inspired, journey somewhere or remind you of other feelings than the bad ones.

Books are AWESOME too.


Bend over at the waist and let your arms and head flop to the ground. It’s not about getting a stretch-it’s just about getting the blood to rush through your head again. This is my favorite trick! When working in the library with my friends I love to randomly yell at them to stand up and bend over. They look at me funny but are ALWAYS glad that they did. I sometimes do this when getting in a heated discussion with someone-I’ll be mid sentence and just throw my head down.When I bring my head back up the mood and outlook is almost ALWAYS different.

6. WALK –

My roommates are good at forcing this one on me. It literally always solves my mood if I can just take ten steps outside then the medicine already works. Fresh air!


I’m getting into some new articles saying that we actually might be getting cancer from not exposing our skin enough to the sun (read here). But I’m still not quite ready to make an opinion about that. What I do know is that it is stupidly hard to stay in a good mood when the sky is grey. We are all like Wall-E. We are solar powered! And winter is so hard! Keep the curtains OPENED. And take Vitamin D.


Go and just sit in the general family room. Go find the room that has the most people in it usually. Even if it is full of people that may cause you some more stress. The point is not to necessarily talk to them; just sit around them for a little while-it’s usually a very good distraction.


In and out. That’s it. Just sit and breathe. So lame to say it but holy smokes does it ever work. Pay attention to each breath and feel it fill your belly. Feel the wisps of it fly up through your neck and out your nose. Feel it tickle the little spot in between your nostrils.

10 Quick Ways to Get Happy


My gym teacher used to get us to do this after a big run. You don’t actually go anywhere, just lie wherever you are and close your eyes. Breathe in and out till you’re calm and quiet enough. Then picture yourself lying on the beach. Feel the hot hot sun on your face and all the parts of your body that are facing up. Then imagine the hot sand below you. Make your entire body feel heavy and just sink deeper and deeper into the sand. Basically RELAX.

This was taken from the first version of my original blog site, Shelp. It was originally posted on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 9:18 pm.