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5 Reasons Why Moms Might Be Superpowered

Sarah Nicholson

My mom! Is she an alien from outer space? Landing in someone’s cornfield and struggling to control her powers? Looking at moms (even when things aren’t perfect – because they never are), it is really easy to think that they might be super powered. Here are some reasons why I think my mom is:

1. Her Energy

There have been many times where I sleepily look up from where I have draped over some chair in exhaustion and see my Mother still doing things. When we finally reach the campsite, and everyone is exhausted, it is always Mom who is able to work just a little bit longer and set up the tent.

I am ever amazed by the way that my mom (and other mothers I know) is able to give more energy than most. At the time when I think everyone is knocked out, Mom stands up and finishes the job.

Sarah Nicholson

2. Her Knowledge

“Hey Mom, what…? Where….? Who…?” Anything you ask, there seems to be an answer. How to frame a shed? How to crochet a flower? How to fix a cold? Where is my black sock with blue stripes? Mom knows. 

I am convinced that the memory space of a mother is slightly larger than most. Or maybe it is a more advanced perceptive ability. As well, my mom seems to have an endless library of DIY and how-to books (along with gardening, natural healthcare, nutritional facts and decorating tips) stored in her brain. My brother just asked me a question and all I was able to answer was “I don’t know, you have to ask Mom.” Do you see what I mean?

Sarah Nicholson

3. Her Comfort

Have you ever noticed that moms seem to have a far superior level of comforting than most people? You are at a large gathering and a baby is being passed around, then the baby starts crying, I bet the only people who can instantly stop the crying are the baby’s own parents, and every mother/grandmother in the room. I knew a mom who could put any child to sleep simply by holding them.

It’s as if they’re surrounded in a glow of camomile tea and aloe vera. And just being near them makes you feel better. No matter how old I get I bet that I will still always wish to be near my Mother when things are particularly tough.

Sarah Nicholson

4. Her Patience

I cut and curled my sisters hair yesterday – something that my mother has done so many times for me. And I was bored! It seemed to take so long, and I was tired of standing and curling hair. I had never realized that this might be the experience my mom had too, yet she always did it for me when I asked. And then I think of when she took us to the playground and just waited. Or had to wake up in the middle of the night to pick me up from a party only to have to wait while I found my missing shoes and phone, then said goodbye to everyone three times. Then she would patiently pull the car over as I painted somebody’s lawn with a record of my day’s nutrition. And still, she would offer to pick me up again next time.

I am so amazed by a mothers patience. I think that it is necessary for us to be able to grow up with at least someone who will keep listening until we can say the word right or learn how to use the toilet. And then as we become young adults, it is equally important to have a mom with patience as we change our minds, and our schools, and excitedly preach our “revolutionary” political opinions (as I have many times).

Sarah Nicholson

5. Her Imperfections

The most awesome part is that all of the above waver – that my mom is not always full of energy, wisdom, comfort and patience. When we meet our parents as adults, this can become all that we focus on – the inconsistencies. And then we may feel anger and hurt that our childhood expectations weren’t met. But instead this has shown me a next level of awesomeness to my mother. It would be easy for a superhero to have limitless energy, but the fact that my mother (very much a human) is able to do it is even more amazing! To see that my mom is still figuring things out, and that she has regrets and makes mistakes, has been better than when I looked up from toddlers eyes and thought she was perfect. She doesn’t know everything, but she still tries to answer my questions. She might be very bored but she still curls each piece of hair. And she might be dealing with the same sorrows, frustrations, and stress that I am but she comes to cry with me – to comfort me even in her own bad days.

Wow mom’s are so great! I didn’t even realize it fully till I wrote this down! And I didn’t even talk about the awesome mother bear qualities yet – the unwavering protectiveness that gets unleashed on teachers, other kid’s parents and anyone who threatens her kids.

Well mothers might actually be super powered!

Happy Mother’s Day!