Abstract Thoughts

A Plane View

I am on the plane to come and see you dear family. I am surrounded by noise and lights and ads. It is amazing how many ways we can block our view of the natural world.

“And we: spectators, always, everywhere turned toward the world of objects, never outward. It fills us. We arrange it. It breaks down. We arrange it, then break down ourselves. “
                                                      -Rainer Maria Rilke

I cannot believe that the world has gotten this bad! I suppose I have been secluded or maybe ignorant due to my own sleepwalking. Everywhere I see heads bent in the suction beam of cell phones. People are stuffing their mouths with plastic to the soundtrack of commercials. We do not look. We are not here. We are not. 

I know the cure for the atomic bomb, suicide rates and school shootings.

We need to collectively agree to stop the isolation caused by all of our things.

Look up and out into the faces around you! It is your right to explore the world as your eyes move. Take deep breaths and commit to meeting over and over again in simple, honest, present moments. It is not complicated, all that it takes is that first wake up.

The difficulties lie in overcoming the discomfort of truly seeing everyone’s ugliness. It takes energy and conscious decision making to stop the habit of reaching for the phone or TV where everyone (including you) seems more beautiful.

But, once you have a break and see even for a moment, you will realize the answer.

The answer that we all must live together and alive. We must live. The universe patiently awaits for us to experience it. Like an attention seeking dog it wags its beauty. Constantly we are offered the opportunity to wonder. The open true infinite experience is ours to decide to have! We are always capable of it because the ordinary is the medium of the infinite. 

So, it is my goal to awaken as many as I can. Even in passing, if I can just get you to look up and notice something about the room that you didn’t see before. This is the first step. From here love, peace, empathy, generosity, consciousness and logic all naturally progress.

Taken from my journal from Monday, December 15, 2013.