A Wish For You (And Me)

Birthdays bruise me, so I have gotten into the habit of writing myself notes of encouragement from outside perspectives (or from my future self). Here is the one I wrote last year, it holds wishes I have for us all no matter the day. May it offer you some support as we travel through this strange space in history. 

You are a weeping willow girl.

Your golden swaying beckons:
Come sit and stare at the pool of reflection.

Sturdy and strong your trunk reaches,
How far should you grow?
How wide do your arms need to spread
to taste this world?
To ache and bleed with all you can hold?

Do you trust the sun to feed your leaves?
Do you trust the water to offer itself to your roots
and climb up to your throat?
Do you let the wind touch your naked limbs,
easing through the corners and whistling
a dance of light through the green?

Do you notice when it does?

May you stand in orchard of friends,
equally open and gleaming.
May you invite the birds and animals to echo your love,
and remind you that you belong.

May you look up and recognize the sky.
May your height and reach grow on.
May you trust the gurgling of work inside you
that you are only just beginning to hear,
and may you bravely participate in this life.

You are beautiful and I love you.