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I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student in Toronto.

I have had the privilege of living a life full of complications. This has given me some education in areas such as mental health, strange living situations, religion, and various types of abuse.

Being born and raised as a missionary kid in Brazil, I delved deeply into fundamental Christianity. Then, after moving to a small farming town in Canada, I learned more about bigotry, bullying and culture shock (along with some great things like friendship, loyalty and work ethic).

Sarah NicholsonMy family left the church when my parents divorced, and I ended up living on my own at the age of 16. This has proved a huge benefit as it forced me to work many jobs and learn how to manage my time and money.

I have moved countless times in the past couple of years, ending up in downtown Toronto. I have even spent time living in a trailer, an attic with no kitchen (I had a microwave in the hall, and did dishes in the bathtub), and some really beautiful old buildings.

These experiences lend to my writing and my opinions. This blog came as an explosion from my well of life lessons. I feel as though I got a cheat book, and I really want to share it! Most of my writing focuses on depression and anxiety, as this is what I feel most knowledgeable about.

Writing this blog is an exercise for me. It is teaching me to be accepting and humble, because every time I click “publish” I feel a little more raw. I am not one inclined to have a potentially negative image of myself shared for the world to see, yet I think that is exactly what I need to do more of.

So I write about my personal thoughts and feelings, and put up pictures of myself and my family. Most of it is from the journals that I keep – taken in bits from the peppering of doodles and scrawl. Often I write what I need to hear most, and so I find that this blog has been helpful for me to look back on and remind myself of the tips and opinions that I already have within.

But really this is all for you! I want to help in any way that I can! There is so much sadness and isolation in this world, and so this is my way of being with you and saying “It’s okay”. I hope that your experience with my writing is as a bump in the road: a momentary jostle that makes you look up and around and remember that you are here, in this moment.

Want to chat? Send me an e-mail at nicholsonsarah.sn@gmail.com.

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