Abstract Thoughts

How Your Senses Pull You Into The Present

Do you ever come across things in your life that are just so much that they immediately demand your attention? A sudden headache, or the surprising softness of a fabric that you have just reached for – all of this bring us out of our minds and back into the world we are in. One night, while I was staying in a tiny little hostel in downtown Toronto (and not in a particularly happy state of life), I was journaling about this very phenomenon. I decided that it might be that these things that demand our attention are doing so intentionally. That the whole reason (if there needs to be one) for colour and sounds and textures to be attached to all beings is so that they act as a reminder to be here now. To listen and watch. 

The physical properties of each “thing” are the constant whispers inviting us to be present.

Within every action and interaction there is a reaction – just in case we might be listening.

I move my hand over the pages and there is a sound, a feeling, a smell, a colour – all of it there just to ask: “Are you here? Do you hear? Can you see me? I am here to remind you to be.”

And then we realize that we are Alice and this is a wonderland, a jackpot of sensations overflowing to greet us. Even in an ordinary room with ugly bed spreads and chipped grey paint. Yes, especially in the ordinary.

Sarah Nicholson