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How To Walk With Grief On Your Back

Written when trying to understand how to handle the grief of people once in my life who I had to let go of. It is an exploration of moving on while still feeling love for those left behind. 

Sarah Nicholson

It is in this walk from here to there,
Over the field with feet souls bare.
Prickle and breeze
comes the song of the leaves.
Reaching to grab at my calves and my hands,
They howl at the wind’s command.

Do I walk alone here?
(No, I have a soft orange cat.)

Would a companion bend my path like a bow?
Tensing me back to their arms?
Or is it in vain to think of a path?
Are the legs connected?

On my horizon the storms of love follow.
They are my companions,
And they pour their cold rain on me,
A cumulus for him and him.
Still lingering and hurting.

I spread my toes and push on.
I belong here,
I am strong here,
And I am glowing with the living rain,
in my once loved vein.

Sarah Nicholson