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Busing Through Memory (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from my dear friend Rony Shohet. Here he describes the complicated feelings of traveling through the time and space of childhood places as we age.

“Our memories are like the neural pathways in our brains that strengthen with each recall, they are the bus routes we take to get home.”untitled-design-28

The bus ambles through an old neighbourhood,
All too familiar for the impatient passenger.
Memories triggered by the frequent stops,
Serene – a careless intellectual
Coltrane – the origin of a lost soul
Chopin – unbound friendship embodied within former lovers.
The last passenger departs,
Instilling the feeling of loneliness, that is all too frequently ignored.
Family’s move and relatives pass.
But the memories stay, waiting to be reimagined.



Chedoke Stairs

I hope to be adding more guest content, as Rony and others have been filling my ears with beautiful stories and poems!