The combination of my love for fine arts, and my increased use of technology led me to develop a freelance graphic design company in my third year of University.

Since then I have expanded this company with Umny Inc., focusing on science communication to encourage more widespread adoption of renewable technology.

I am self taught and always learning. 

I have developed award-winning presentations and helped companies grow through my past work as a Marketing Director.

My interdisciplinary experience allows me to communicate brand image and product details in understandable and exciting formats for all shareholders and clients.

I enjoy the challenge of aesthetic, clear communication while maintaining usability. My goal is to help other’s highlight their careers and values through designs that articulate the underneath of why they do what they do.

I have enjoyed making such websites for industry experts and new grads. 

I create art with many mediums.

Logo Designs

Website Designs

I have experience creating a wide range of website styles across web design platforms & languages. I create content, illustration, and marketing strategy to deliver an effective online image that stands out from the rest.

My recent web design projects were to create a company site for a sustainable energy startup, Innovia GEO Corp., as well as for the company I have co-founded Umny Inc.

The website we’re on now is my playground for continual experimenting. I am always looking for new ways to make our online experiences more enjoyable.

Current Projects:

Animation, Illustration, & Video

Using a mix of software from the adobe suite to several online options, 3d rendering and computer simulation tools, I create animations and illustrations for my own art, for clients and for scientific schematics. 

Most of my initial work was created on free software with limited computer storage – a fun challenge for my creativity.

Tattoine Travel Poster

Gimp, Canva

The Other Twin T-Shirt

Gimp, Canva

And Much More

A project highlight video I made to feature Umny Inc.’s work in Geothermal Energy.

A music video I made for one of Esther Nicholson‘s beautiful songs. I look forward to making more of these and improving my skills in the digital art.

From developing brand identities, improving community reception, to guiding the creation of a new company through detailed marketing strategies – I deeply enjoy the human-side of design.

I have created print ads, flyers and business directories. Managed inventory, suppliers, inspectors, sales, and delivery. As well I started and managed the social media accounts for various businesses. 




The mixing of my love for fine arts, and my increased understanding of tech led me to develop a freelance graphic design company in my third year of University.

I am self taught and still learning. 

Logo Designs

My graphic design work keeps me busy, so I do not update this mobile page as often as the desktop site (see it for more updates). Follow my Instagram for illustrations and art and my YouTube channel for new ways I am using design in my work, including this music video:

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