The mixing of my love for fine arts, and my increased understanding of tech led me to develop a freelance graphic design company in my third year of University.

I am self taught and still learning. 

My first project was to overhaul and update a communities’ four vet clinics’ online presences and public image. I increased traffic to all of the clinics, and solidified a new image for the changing company. 

I enjoy the challenge of aesthetic, clear communication while maintaining usability and design. My goal is to help other’s highlight their careers through portfolio websites that articulate the underneath of why they do what they do. I have already been privileged to make such websites for industry experts and new grads. 

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Logo Designs

My first website design projects were to update and create business pages for four different animal service companies. 


I have created print ads, flyers and business directories. As well I started and managed the social media accounts for various businesses. 

Mobile Site

This information is still being converted to work with mobile. In the meantime, keep track of what I am doing on LinkedIn or Twitter, or request the desktop version.