Hard Hope Book Series

Written over the 7 years it took to get a master’s in mechanical engineering, Hard Hope is a series of short books that follow the memories and opinions of someone learning to survive on their own from the age of 16. Tracking the transition from growing up in a fundamental religious community in Brazil, to rural and urban places in Canada, Hard Hope is a message of maintaining inner strength despite great challenges and adaptations.

This book series is divided into themes:

They can be read in any order.

“Hard Hope is informative, intellectually stimulating, beautifully written, and authentic.”

-Sydney Pilot

Poster Women: Re-animating Ourselves After Sexual Abuse

Poster Women is a collection of memories and opinions from a woman who struggled through domestic and sexual abuse. It outlines the cost of misogyny in culture, in science, in our hearts, and in our relationships.

Written for the purpose of re-animating hope in those who have lost it; Poster Women is a way to find internal justice. This book adds a trail to the map from fear back to love.

Book V Available Now!

Due to the pandemic, this book is sold and distributed through amazon as an eBook and softcover print (audio book coming soon).

Printed and signed copies with limited edition covers will be available to buy this year, directly from this site. Thanks for your patience and support!

Sarah R Nicholson, has a Master’s of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and is an artist and writer. She was born and raised in a strict religious community in the Amazon rainforest before moving to rural and urban places in Canada.

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