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Letters to Myself: You Belong on Earth

Dear Sarah,

It feels that nobody cares but everyone is watching. Judging.
That you can never mess up and that you are on the brink of failure.
You think you are the best person ever…at noticing your faults.
You think you can handle anything the world throws at your tiny, fragile, broken self.
I know you feel that you are despicably manipulating for trying to be a saint.
“You know everything! Because you believe lies and deception about nothing.”

I know it feels lonely to belong to “no camp”, to hear your thoughts alone.

I wish there was a way that I could give you a break from a mind desperately bending to look itself in the face.

But I want you to remember the whisper of feathers on your shoulders, the claws on your fingers and the barely dulled fangs behind your lips. The soft white hair covering your arms are your ties to the family of lounging lions. The beating heart in your body drums in the choir of animals. All of us are fragile beings of blood. And all of us have the capacity for ferocious determination and strength when the intensity of our minds and bodies are focused.

A dog may look you in the eyes and know you. This is no trick.

You are an animal, and this world made you and is made to support your life. You belong here.

-The Earth

Sarah Nicholson