Mechanical Engineering

Sustainable, inclusive, and accessible technical design is my goal.

I am currently studying my Master’s of Applied Science with a research focus in the field of Thermofluids. I aim to improve the sustainability and economic viability of geothermal energy systems.

Inclusive Engineering Design

In my undergraduate TA work I realized that we often misunderstand the groups we design for. So I researched the development and use of personas in an Engineering Design Course – with a specific focus on sex and gender.

This lead to the development of new lecture and TA training material, and explored the intersection and inclusion of other diverse demographics in the design process. 

My group’s capstone project was to design a working prototype of an omni-directional robotic CNC machine (semi-autonomous). Our primary goal was to make a lightweight and affordable machine for makers and hobbyists such as ourselves. 

Robotic CNC Design

We successfully delivered our prototype within four months for under $1000CAD. As well, our project won the Capstone Award for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Ryerson University that year.

Manufacturing System Control

In this fourth year class I ran labs training PLC programming and manufacturing automation planning. 

Engineering Graphical Communication

Across three years, I have taught first year students the fundamentals of manual technical drawing, and the SolidWorks software.

Introduction to Engineering Design

Within this second year class I ran labs introducing students to engineering design frameworks and human factors


Women in Engineering

Mechanical Executive

While being a continued member of the society for all years of University, I also served as the Mechanical Engineering executive for the 2014-2015 year. I engaged with the other incredible members and worked to plan and run events for fellow students. 

Midterm Tutor

First Year Engineering Student Tutor

Offering tutoring support for first year engineering students was one of the more rewarding volunteering experiences I’ve had. The sessions ran the evening before their midterms for the Fall semester of 2014.

Ryerson Formula Team

Formula Team

I did some work with the team through engineering, and then got more involved as their graphic designer. I worked to help develop the 2016-2017 car’s livery.

Student Ambassador

Ryerson Student Delegate

Volunteering to be a student ambassador during our new student’s fair and the OUF 2017 was an incredible way to engage with passionate youth. Being a student delegate for the National Conference for Women in Engineering in 2014 was truly an inspiring experience as well.

Awards & Achievements

I have been privileged to receive recognition in some of the areas that I am most passionate about.

2018 | Cdn. Congress of Applied Mechanics

2018 | Entrepreneurship

2016 | $10 000 Scholarship

2015 | Women In Engineering

2012 | Commencement Speech

2009 | Royal Canadian Legion

Along with the Capstone and TA Awards which I was a recipient of in 2018.

Engineering Projects - Undergraduate

Throughout my studies I worked on designs that cover a wide range of mechanical engineering applications, such as: 

  • Automated Assembly Processes
  • Jacketed Reactor Temperature Control Systems
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tri-generation Plants
  • Fixtures and Jigs

Drone Vibration Absorber

SolidWorks, MATLAB, Vibration Analysis

Using vibration equations, an absorber was designed to prevent the movement of a pizza box payload being flown by a drone. I worked with a highly skilled group and created a design we were all proud of. 

By developing my own MATLAB iteration code, I was able to quickly work through all possible design characteristics to find the best option for the given requirements. 

The following is an excerpt from the final report:

The following are the output graphs from my MATLAB code. They show the success of the absorber design. 

The amplitude of vibration after the absorber was applied is within the required range. 

The natural frequency of the system is outside of the operating range.

City Pipe System

EPANET, Excel, Fluid Dynamic Analysis

A city’s pipe system was designed in order to accommodate given usage for a specific period of time along with an emergency scenario in which the water was to be supplied solely by a storage tank for fire and regular demands. I focused on the required design of the storage tank to meet the flow requirements, as well as the pipe pressures across the system (using the EPANET software). 

As well, I performed the economic and material analysis on the pipe system which gave me practical experience with industry standards and material ratings. 

Mechanical Engineering

I am in my final year of a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University. My goal is to use my degree and my emotional intelligence to work in industries that regenerate the environment and integrate innovative sustainable solutions. 

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