Resources: Dealing With Depression

There are many things that can help those of us with mental illness. Here is a short list of some that worked for me, more tips can be found in almost any of the blog posts I make.

Individual Counselling

By far the most useful way for healing my mental health issues has been through counselling. If you are a student you can likely receive good free counselling. If not, your government may still offer programs for you to get it cheaper. 

Making the call is the hardest part, but it is almost always worth it. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t click with your first counsellor, I have only found a handful out of many that I could truly feel comfortable with.

Support Groups

Again, you may be able to find cheap or free options for this if you are willing to do a little bit of calling around. Support groups are intense and interesting. They always challenge me more than individual counselling (in good and bad ways), but are particularly useful for dealing with anxiety and trauma. They allow you to be in rooms with people who have gone through what you have gone through which acts as a saving connection for your own loneliness. They are truly moving. 


Taking control of my own mental health was important for me to stop feeling powerless within it. I try to think like a counsellor, and am always asking for book and podcast recommendations. It can be very useful to learn more about the psychology of all of us in order to understand the processes going on within yourself. 

Lifestyle Changes

As obnoxious as it may sound, I really did find that changing my diet and exercise were essential for changing how I felt. I reduced carb and sugar intakes and started eating more healthy fats and vitamin D, magnesium and Cod Liver Oil. Introducing some meditation, and finding enjoyable workouts were incredibly useful for me. I also do not drink very much, and stay away from drugs that might negatively effect my hormone regulations (like alcohol and ecstasy). 

changing environments

Sometimes our mental states are symptoms of negative relationships or environments that we are in. After speaking with a mental health professional you may find that you need change to help yourself feel better. From personal experience, the terrifying feeling of leaving what you know (that hurts but is comfortable) for what you don’t know is VERY worth it.