Resources: Paying For School

In order to afford university, and all of the living expenses associated with it, I used the following resources:


With an account with, I was able to access all relevant scholarships. It is like a search engine for awards, and leads you to the sites of those that are applicable to you. 

My high school and university had faculty awards that I was able to apply to by going to their websites or asking the financial assistant offices. These are normally rarely applied to. 

Depending on where you live, you likely have the option for government funded loans. Applying for them can make you automatically eligible for grants and scholarships. 

Money Management

Create a budgeting form (I use an excel sheet) to keep track of your monthly expenses. This way you can make sure you know your typical spending habits and how much you need to be making. 

Try to pay off your credit card before you owe interest. The rates for students and young people are very high and you should avoid having to spend this interest. Get in the habit of remembering your bills. 

Talk to relatives and elders to see what they have done that has worked. Learn from everyone to get an understanding of taxes, retirement and investments so that you feel confident making decisions with your money. 


If you are really having trouble paying for school you may need to work during the semesters and summers (like I did). In order to fit this in a schedule that I could manage, I lessened my course load for some of the years of school so that I could have more time to work while I was in school. This added one year to my degree, but took a huge weight off of me financially. Make sure that the job you are working pays you enough to make it worth spending more money on the rent and commuting that you will need to do for extra semesters at school.