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Politics, Feminism & Podcasting | Where I Am Now

As my studies have been getting more busy with Teaching Assistant positions, robot building, graphic design work and more, I have been writing less and less.

While I will always continue to add to this blog, and discuss the issues of mental health that are so important to me – I am now also expanding into podcasting. I have been interviewed on the Women Beyond Belief podcast and most recently, the Reason Revolution one.

These episodes cover topics such as feminism, politics, and religion as I am forming opinions about them. They are controversial and exposing – and I am already weaving through backlash. But they are also the start of an exciting adventure of communicating and thinking about the changing world with the minds of those I look up to.

Thank you for your continued support and may you be encouraged to share your voice on these topics as well.

Check out my episode on Reason Revolution.

Check out my episode on Women Beyond Belief.