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The Quickest Way To Peace

Somewhere in the world right now the first juicy rain drop is easing its way out of a cloud. In this same moment a star is exploding with violent heat and light. A cat’s muscles are tensing as it gets ready to spring. In your very own body at this same moment, your cells are furiously busy flowing, dividing, regenerating and digesting. Your eye is rapidly reading the language of light that is all around you, and your skin delicately responds to the temperature of the particles close to you.

At this precise moment there is someone whose eyes are softly closing for the last time. Even as the gentle curtain fall of lashes silently takes a being out of this world, so there also is the quick, desperate intake of the first breathe of life.

Somewhere someone is feeling fear and dread light fire in their belly, yet also there is long grass swaying in the warmth-dancing with delight at the sun and the peace in the air.

Do you see how insanely complex right now is? What about this new now that started a second ago? How about this one?

We like to believe that time runs linear (called the arrow of time). We say time starts from an origin and runs straight from that point to some other point; everything begins in the past and runs into the future.

The ONLY Thing You Need to Realize

But what about the now?

The present moment does not exist on that line. The present moment is somehow infinite and yet impossibly small. Do you see that instead of an arrow all we really have is a stacking of these now moments?

Each present moment shoots out to the far reaches of our universe and encompasses every movement and light wave. And the next moment is the same. We have these extremely thin yet vast oceans of presence that are happening in spite of time and all the time.

We are ALWAYS able to access this ocean of presence.

If we pay attention right now to this moment we can experience the flash of a black hole regardless of how long it will take for this event to reach our earth’s time scale.

For example, my family all lives in different time zones from me. But even though the arrow of time would like to say that we are separated by our displacement on the timeline, I can share a moment with them. We can take a breath at the exact same moment. I can reach them in the ocean of the now because it is infinite and instant. While I may be awake in the sun while they still sleep at night, we are still in this now together.

We know this is true!

We can spend time describing to each other on the phone or with the internet the differences in our location on the arrow of time, yet we are in that moment connected in the now, experiencing each other at different times yet at the same time.

When we reach into that moment and experience everything instantaneously we will notice a true clarity comes to us. It is best described as waking up.

We have got to start waking up!

From what we see of the world, it is a mass of different information and opinions swirling in overwhelming chaos, yet this chaos converges to a single point.

There IS one truth which all beliefs, religions, and theories point to.

Existentialists often refer to it as the holy moment, the sciences call it the instantaneous function of a value, self help and weight loss tools refer to it as awareness, artists call it the flow, and in religion it is often called prayer.

The reality is that in every search and doubt we have, we will always be led back to the truth that the present moment is the only truth. Every present moment that you experience is an exact representation of reality, and then it is gone forever and replaced with a new present moment. Regardless of the accuracy of time, there does exist an alternate measure of time which is the NOW. Right NOW we are all linked.

You remember experiences when you are fully awake to experience them. Your past memories are full only of times where you were brought to the present. This is because the present moment is our most vivid experience of life. Tragedies, adrenaline, pleasure, and surprise are all elements which may bring us into the presence and then solidify our experience into our memories.

While the present moment can add to our past memories, it is not as though we are to dwell there. The now is as complex and full a life as we could ever need. All of our senses have the capacity to be engaged and entertained at every moment.

Yet we clog up our now with artificial realities.

We rob ourselves of our own life. This may come from our fear at the vibrancy and clarity that we have the capacity to experience, yet in our artificial we still search for the feeling of the now.

I picture us all being in the driver’s seats of our lives. Yet we are nodding off constantly. Most of us are permanently asleep. We get jerks when something major happens. We look around at the road we’ve been driving on and perhaps we are appalled at how far we have driven, and how it is in the opposite direction of where we meant to go. I believe this is the feeling of a midlife crisis.

Being present to your life can hurt. A lot.

Yet being present is the only way to fix that hurt! If you were to wake up on your road and dislike all that you saw, do you think it would be logical to sleep for the rest of your life to avoid a view you don’t like? Is that not giving your life away?

The one truth from every source is that we must keep finding ways to wake up.We must live in the present moment because it is the only place that life exists. The past and the future are imaginary.

Be here now!

This is from the first version of the my original blog site, Shelp. It was originally published on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 4:53 pm.