Sarah Nicholson

Dean’s List 

Mechanical Engineering Student

I am a current studying for my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto.

While I am in school, I am also working as a free lance graphic designer and Teaching Assistant, and have had a wide range of summer work in order to broaden my experience and interests. My goal is to work in a field that focuses on “regenerative environmental engineering”,  taking sustainability one step further by supporting regenerative practices. I am also spending my spare time developing my personality by focusing on emotional intelligence, business management strategies and taking courses in social skills and leadership. Photography is another hobby of mine, all of the pictures on this site are ones that I have taken. I am passionate about learning, teaching, gardening, writing, mechanics, philosophy, and maintaining integrity through honest work. 

Semesters till graduation

RBC Student’s Leading Change Scholarship Recipient

I was thrilled to be chosen for RBC’s scholarship, and to bring light to my aim to include more women in the exciting field that I am studying.

Latest Project: Holland Planning Innovations

This summer I had the priviledge of updating the site for the exciting urban development group of Holland Planning Innovations.

Teaching the Philosophy of Design

In the fall semester I am working as a TA for the second year, Engineering Design Course. Focusing on the design process and ergonomics. 

Latest Blog Post

The social barrier of gender discrimination was not one of the ones that I had to overcome to get into school. My family never gave me a clear message about the roles of women, and I was lucky to not have the imagination to know that some men thought women were less intelligent.

Rather, it was economics and mental health that barred my way into university…